U16 & U18 Tri/Dual Province Teams

General Information:

The annual Tri/Dual Province championships provide the top U16 and U18 athletes from each province with exposure to elite competition and a foundation for being part of a team with other athletes. It is a team event between the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

Details for this year’s meet can be found below:

Where: Regina, Saskatchewan

When: July 21-23, 2023

U16 Team 

U18 Team 

Selection Guidelines

Please see the file below for Saskatchewan Athletics Selection Guidelines for the Tri Province provincial team:

Tri/Dual Province Team Selection Guidelines

Athlete Eligibility

  • Must be a registered member with Saskatchewan Athletics in good standing.
  • Must be a Canadian citizen.
  • Meet the residency requirements in Saskatchewan.
  • Must be the appropriate age for either the U16 or U18 age group.

Trials Information

U16 Trials + U18 Trials results

Where: Regina

When: June 10-11, 2023

U16/U18 Team Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Head Coach Roles and Responsibilities

Event Coach Roles and Responsibilities

Manager Roles and Responsibilities