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Sask Athletics is the Prov Sport Governing Body for track & field, cross country, road racing and a branch of Athletics Canada.


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CURRENT OFFICIALS - as of January 2023

2023 Officials Membership Form - Remember if you compete as an athlete or coach as well as officiate, please complete both forms

Level 1 & 2 - $20 annual fee
Level 3, 4 & 5 - $30 annual fee


Saskatchewan Officials Committee
Chair - Brenda O'Connor

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Recognition Program for Saskatchewan Athletics Officials
(sessions worked)

Purpose of the program – retention of officials
Award time spent coordinating and officiating
Award officials who do not want to travel or upgrade

Applies to Saskatchewan Athletics Sanctioned Meets Only

  1. The Coordinator (includes Event Coordinator and Meet Official Coordinator) for a particular meet would receive 1 credit for the indoor season and 1 credit for the outdoor season at Sanctioned Meets.
  2. An official will receive 1 credit for every session worked (a session is up to 4 hours = 1 credit).
  3. After working 5 sessions the official would receive 1 incentive item.
  4. After working 15 sessions the official would receive another incentive item.
  5. A twilight meet would count as 1 session.
  6. High School Provincials will count as will Cross country and road race events.

Once one level is achieved, officials would start back at 0 sessions to work towards the next level. The recognition will not interfere with achieving levels.

5 sessions

15 sessions

35 sessions

70 sessions

Cinch sack/


Waterproof Clipboard

Long Sleeve Shirt

Officials Levels Achieved:

Level 3 - Equipment Bag/Rule Book
Level 4 - Sweatshirt
Level 5 - Vest

If an official wishes to purchase an item (excluding the IAAF Rule Book), they must have already received that particular item.

Years of Service Acknowledgements

It is important that officials are acknowledged for their 'Years of Service'.  To this end Saskatchewan Athletics strives to maintain 'Years of Service' lists.  Officials who have officiated are invited to the Annual Awards Dinner and are publicly acknowledged.  'Years of Service' acknowledgements are categorized by 20+ Years, 25+ Years, 30+ Years, 35+ Years, 40+ Years, 45+ Years and 50+ Years. 

Saskatchewan Athletics also acknowledges all Saskatchewan Officials who have officiated 40 years with a gift of a $150 cheque.  The recipient is invited to the Annual Awards Dinner held in October where they receive the cheque.  The recipient is also acknowledged in the slide presentation along with the Award Winners. 

Saskatchewan Athletics Officials are also acknowledged after 25 years of officiating by receiving a navy windbreaker presented on behalf of the Bob Adams Foundation.  The recipient(s) is also acknowledged in the slide presentation along with the Award Winners at the Annual Awards Dinner.


Saskatchewan Officials Committee


Become an Official

Travel Expense Form

National Officials Committee (NOC) Upgrading Criteria - Updated January 2021

Official's Upgrading Request Form - Use this form for upgrading to Level 3

Upgrading Checklist and Application Form - Level 4 or 5

List of credits for upgrading Example (to be included with Request for Upgrading) - Excel version

NOC Official's Upgrading/Certification Program

Rule Books (World Athletics) 
- Competition Rules (2022 Edition)
-Technical Rules (2022 Edition)

World Para Athletics Rules and Regulations (2022 Edition)

National Official's Committee Guidelines for the Implementation of World Athletics Shoe Rule 5

Rule 5 Shoe Guide

Outdoor Athletics Umpire's Report

Outdoor Lap Scoring Sheet

Indoor Athletics Umpire's Report

Indoor Lap Scoring Sheet


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