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Sask Athletics is the Prov Sport Governing Body for track & field, cross country, road racing and a branch of Athletics Canada.

Welcome to the Saskatchewan Athletics High Performance area. This space is dedicated to the advancement of high performance coaching and athletes as we strive to develop a quality high performance culture in our province. Saskatchewan has a great history of success both nationally and internationally and we strive to improve on that within this program.


Congratulations - Saskatchewan Athletes receive Carding (Able Body Athletes)

Senior Card

Travia Jones - Coach - Darryl Woodson

Developmental Card

Julianne Labach - Coach - Murray McCormick - Club - Saskatoon Track and Field Club


Congratulations - Saskatchewan Athletes receive Carding (Para Stream)

Senior Card

Jessica Frotten - Coach - Rick Reelie - Club - Cyclones Athletics, Saskatoon

Developmental Card

Janz Stein - Coach - Carla Nicholls - Club - Excel Athletika, Regina

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